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    Corporate Team Building Activities in Auckland

The benefits of Corporate Team Building Activities are well-documented yet it’s one of those things that can evoke mixed feelings in people, with colleagues sometimes anticipating a scenario they won’t particularly enjoy and others sceptical of the benefits. This one is arguably the most obvious importance of team building activities. Any time your team comes together to interact, they're going to develop connections, foster friendships, and improve their overall dynamic as a group.

And in 2023, following a year of staff shortages, natural disasters, and out of control inflation, its important to remember it's far more cost effective to retain staff the cost of retraining. Showing your team they are valued by your business reduces staff turnover, and improves productivity.

At Wild On Waiheke, our approach is all about combining work and fun, keeping it casual and relaxed and promoting a well-earned break from the daily grind. But the benefits of a professionally organised off-site day out can also deliver enduring, positive effects on team performance back at the office.

In fact, the WOW team are so confident of the positive spin-offs of team building for businesses, we’ve even put our own team building programme to the test. Keryn Matthews, Wild Estate & Wild On Waiheke MD, says: “We decided to take a dose of our own medicine. We moved out of the meeting room and got our entire staff into our team building activities, followed by a BBQ and drinks.

The result? “The team really started bonding more closely. I could see them working better together, and interestingly, our staff retention improved significantly!”

So, what kind of business outcomes can you expect from your team building day away? Read all about the outcomes below then view our Team Building PackagesMeetings with team building activities. or our Corporate Functions with Team Building activities!

5 Positive Outcomes of Corporate Team Building Activities:

Improved Team Performance:

Your business success depends on more than just individual skills and abilities. Each employee needs to learn how to function in the team as a whole, and that takes team building! The Small Group research journal paper ‘Does Team Building Work’ analysed data from 103 studies conducted between 1950 and 2007. The cumulative research provided the strongest scientific evidence to date that team building has a positive effect on team performance.

Improved Motivation:
The old saying goes that a connected team is a motivated team! Research by The American Psychological Association showed that team building activities helped employees to feel valued. In turn, almost all employees (93%) who reported feeling valued said they were motivated to do their best work.

Improved Communication:
A study from MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory showed that communication plays a critical role in building successful teams, and patterns of communication during informal interactions were the most important predictor of team success. So, you don’t have to be best friends outside of work, but non-work discussions and interaction can definitely play a role in creating a team that works successfully together.

Improved Trust:
We all know teamwork is required on a daily basis to achieve business objectives. Many experts agree that one of the biggest single contributors to employee happiness lies in creating a culture of trust within your organisation. Team building activities not only help to foster mutual trust, they can also ease conflicts by allowing co-workers to get to know one another on a more personal level.

Improved Relationships & Morale: 
The team that learns how to play together, is more likely to stay together. Creating opportunities for your team to let off steam outside the confines of the work environment recharges team morale and strengthens bonds.

Play is not only an antidote to tension, it’s an opportunity to knit the team together! In the words of Beca Conference Organiser, Veleska Rough  "At our day at Wild On Waiheke we mixed up the management layers so people mixed freely. It gave us all the chance to get to know each other better, which in turn improved our rapport and relationships back at the workplace.”

In short, a successful team building event offsite can provide a welcome opportunity for the team to change old patterns and open up new ways of communicating and collaborating. The result? A stronger and better team dynamic.

Planning a corporate conference, Christmas party or team building event?

View our Team Building PackagesMeetings with team building activities or our Corporate Functions with Team Building activities

Then give us a call at Wild Estate.  We offer experienced conference and event planners, fun corporate team building activities including archery, and laser claybird shooting, a great onsite restaurant, winery and brewery, unique corporate and Christmas party venues, and a dedicated and passionate team. We’ll take care of all your conference, corporate team building and Christmas party requirements from start to finish, ensuring your event is fun, well organised, and right on budget! Ask us how.

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