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    Meetings and Conferences @Wild Estate

Sometimes you really do just need to get out of the office!  And what better place for a change of scenery than a winery/brewery on the beautiful Waiheke Island!  We offer a fantastic package for meeting sized from 6 to 120 people in our 'Meet & Compete' package.  Set in a unique setting - it's not often you get to do business in a Winery Cellar-door!

It's the "Mullet' of all Meetings @Wild Estate...

Get your business out of the way in the morning....upstairs for lunch....then head outside and shoot each other (with virtual pigeons, of course!)

At Wild Estate we believe work also needs to be fun, therefore we've designed our meeting packages around the perfect team day out! It's fantastic for team bonding and letting your hair down after an intense morning session.  

Room Hire

Availability for our meeting room is Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 12.30pm or 1.00pm to 5.30pm (note we exclude weekends as this space doubles as our Cellar Door). Our meeting room hire is for up to 120 people, and available for half day and full day options. Plus any optional extras - simply advise your requirements and we can offer you a quote.  

Conference Venues Auckland

Think of our conference room as a blank canvas, it can be used as is with our furniture, or you can even bring in your own furniture or equipment for a unique look that works with your brand. We've had Island Themes, Bed launches, Conferences with stages, seating and breakout zones, you name it, we've hosted it! Come to us with your ideas, and we'll work with you! Simply book below.

Wild Estate’s Tips For Running The Best Conference Ever

The word ‘conference’ is likely to strike the fear of boredom into the hearts of many as they imagine large auditoriums kept slightly too cold. You may shudder at the prospect of sitting in uncomfortable seats for hours on end, only to be relieved by bad instant coffee and a Subway platter. What if we told you that it didn’t have to be that way? That you could host a conference that would leave all your attendees talking and dying to be at the next one? Well, when you organise to host your next conference with Wild Estate and Wild On Waiheke, that’s exactly what you can expect. We’re not like other conference venues in Auckland. We’re here to make your next conference a smashing success and to give your attendees the time of their lives. So, how does one go about planning the best conference their industry has ever seen? The Wild Estate team has a few tips:

How To Pick Ideal Conference Venues In Auckland

In Auckland, conference venues are everywhere. If you throw a rock in the CBD, you’ll hit a dozen conference venues designed for corporate events. While they’re all just fine, if you’re looking for a venue that’s going to provide an unforgettable experience for your attendees, you’re going to have to think a little outside the box. So here are a few things to consider when locking in your venue. 

  • Choose something a little different. According to several sources, including events booking website Eventbrite, demand for non-traditional conference venues is on the rise. No one wants to go to your typical convention centre or hotel ballroom anymore. The people want sunshine, they want good food, and they want excitement. Wild Estate & their Wild On Waiheke activities are anything but traditional. Our conference facilities are like the humble mullet; business in the front, party in the back. After a long day of sharing, learning, and schmoozing with industry professionals, your attendees will be able to let their hair down, have a drink, and shoot some virtual pigeons. 

  • Accommodation. Chances are, a lot of people are coming from all corners of the country and perhaps even internationally to attend your conference. So, you’re going to want to make sure your conference venue is within walking distance to plenty of top-notch accommodation. Fortunately, there are loads of accommodation options to suit all budgets right near Wild Estate, so your attendees will get to experience island comfort when they’re not living it up at your conference. 

  • Find a venue that has it all. When looking for conference venues in Auckland, you’ll need to make sure the right place has everything you need so you can save on extra costs. At Wild Estate & Wild On Waiheke Activities, we make sure you’re equipped with audiovisual equipment, stages, microphones, seating, and lighting, so everything runs smoothly. Oh, and we can take care of catering and your after-conference activities. How easy is that? 

You’ll Never Set Conference Venues Up The Same When You Hear These Tips

You could do a predictable set-up and have your chairs set up in rows facing your conference stage, but since we’ve already established that you’re straying away from the traditional conference expectations, we know you’re looking for tips to make your set-up amazing. 

  • Encourage active engagement. If you have several speakers presenting, it may be more beneficial to have a few speakers presenting to smaller groups simultaneously so attendees can pick and choose who they want to hear. Tables configured into box shapes or U-shapes facilitate open discussion and are ideal if the speaker wants to interact, engage, and chat with their audience. 

  • Make sure everyone can use the equipment. It is just beyond painful watching someone have technical difficulties during their presentation. Whether it’s a video that doesn’t work, a microphone with feedback, or watching them struggle to set up their presentation, it’s uncomfortable for everyone involved. At Wild Estate, we’ll get the professionals in to take care of the set-up for you, so your conference speakers can focus on their presentations rather than fixing technical issues. 

  • Give the people some options. Remember when you were in school, and there were those kids who couldn’t sit still in class? The ones who sat on the floor, rocked on their chairs, or walked around a lot? Those people didn’t just disappear after school finished; they’re still out there, and you’re likely to meet a lot of them at your next conference. So, why not give them some options to be comfortable throughout your conference? Provide plenty of seating arrangements such as chairs, beanbags, floor cushions, or places for people to stand. 

  • Use your branding creatively. If you choose to host your next conference at Wild On Waiheke, our team will work closely with you to make sure the space reflects your brand. You can use coloured lighting, branded centrepieces, custom table covers, banners, and posters to make sure the area promotes your brand to attendees. Get creative with it!

Are Your Attendees Bored? How To Keep Them Engaged

When you host your conference at Wild Estate and Wild On Waiheke, it’s unlikely your attendees will get bored. We’ve got enough food, drinks, and awesome activities to keep everyone entertained throughout even the blandest of conferences. However, if you’re looking for a few ideas to make sure there isn’t a dull moment in sight, we have a couple of ideas. 

  • Provide notebooks and pens. Some people like to take notes while the keynote speaker gives their presentation, and others like to doodle pictures while they listen. Giving out notebooks and pens not only gives your attendees something to do, but it also gives you an excellent opportunity to get your branding out there!

  • Photo booth anyone? Who doesn’t love a good photo booth?! We’ll make sure to provide a gorgeous backdrop so your attendees can grab some photos to remember their conference adventures. Alternatively, Wild Estate & Wild on Waiheke Activities are fortunate enough to have the stunning natural backdrop of Waiheke Island, so you can organise a roaming photographer to grab some candid shots. 

  • Add a charging station. A dead phone is a bummer, especially when you’re at a conference at Wild Estate and all you want to do is let your Instagram story know what a great time you’re having. So why not provide a charging station for your attendees, so they don’t have to be a second without their phones? If you’re still brainstorming creative ways to promote your brand, you can design a customised charging station that spreads your message one full battery at a time.

  • Consider the length of your conference. While you might be able to cram all your guest speakers into one long day, you might be doing yourself a disservice in the long run. As the day wears on, your attendees will grow tired, and those last speakers might as well be presenting to a brick wall for all their audience is going to take in. So instead, why not consider running your Wild Estate conference over multiple days? Have your speakers present in the morning and let your guests enjoy some wind-down time in the afternoon with our Wild on Waiheke Team Building activities. Trust us, after a few drinks, a delicious meal, and some fun games, your attendees are going to be refreshed, recharged, and ready to take it all in again the following day. 

If You’re Looking For Conference Venues In Auckland That Don’t Put You To Sleep, Check Out Wild Estate Venue & Wild On Waiheke Activities

Heaven on Earth is closer than you think. In fact, it’s just a short 35-minute ferry ride from Auckland. That’s right, Waiheke Island is a place where the food is mouth-wateringly good, the drinks are always flowing, and the adventure never stops. At Wild Estate, we believe people should work hard and play harder, so we’ve built a place where even the most tightly wound among us can let off some steam. Whether your idea of a good time try our Wild on Waiheke activities including claybird shooting, archery, giant chess, or just sitting back admiring the view with a cold one in hand, Wild Estate has just the thing for you. So, what are you waiting for? Bring your mates, bring your work colleagues, hell, you can even bring the dog. Come and experience everything Waiheke Island has to offer. If you’re looking for conference venues in Auckland that’ll have your attendees loving every minute, contact the Wild Estate team today.