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We are closed for our winter break from 29th July 2024. We reopen Friday 30th August 2024.

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    Welcome from Keryn & Simon Matthews

Allow us to introduce the circus ringmasters of our wild endeavour, Keryn & Simon Matthews. The dynamic duo at the helm of this ship, they oversee Wild Estate Vineyard, Wild On Waiheke Activities, and the Waiheke Island Brewery with the grace of acrobats and the gusto of fire-eaters. They're as much a part of Waiheke as the native pohutukawa tree, and they've brewed love and laughter into every venture for over a decade. With a motto that could make a kiwi chuckle, they believe in working hard and playing harder, juggling the rigours of the day-to-day with a wicked sense of fun. Wild, for them, is all about tapping into that untamed joy of life, offering a refreshing retreat from the humdrum. The Wild family is their pride and joy, a tight-knit crew they cherish and nurture. Their secret recipe? A dash of respect, a sprinkle of opportunities, and a whole heap of care. And it's a recipe that works - just look at their trophy cabinet, gleaming with year-after-year industry accolades. So, what are you waiting for? Pull on your 'Wild on Aotearoa' t-shirt, grab a bottle of our elusive Wild Estate wine, and join us for a good time in the heart of Waiheke. We can't wait to welcome you to the Wild family!

Get behind the scenes with the Management Team and some of Wild's finest talent who love to make this place the best it can be....

General Manager - David Jackson

Meet David Jackson, our General Manager extraordinaire. With his extensive experience in the hospitality industry and running large vineyard restaurants, he's the perfect fit for all the exciting endeavours we have at Wild. David knows how to get things done while keeping it classy. He's a bit competitive (seriously, don't challenge him to a game of Jandle), but his infectious laughter and one-of-a-kind nurturing style make him an invaluable leader for our team.
David Jackson General ManagerDavid Jackson

Restaurant Operations Manager - Josh Stalker

Meet our Operations Mastermind, the one and only, Josh! For years this gentleman has been tending to the needs of Waiheke's finest, with a juggle and a laugh that rivals our beloved ringmasters. If there's a roster to manage, a table plan to devise, or a venue to finesse, Josh is your man. But his talents don't end there! With a knack for fine-tuning the nitty-gritty of the venue, the grounds, or your conference needs, he's the wizard behind the curtain, making the magic happen. And did we mention he's also been crowned the Master of The Jandle? Just don't spill the beans to David! So, here's to Josh, the backbone of our wild endeavour, and the keeper of our fun-loving spirit. Cheers to you, Josh!

Josh Stalker Restaurant Ops ManagerJosh Stalker

MacGyver - Simon Matthews MD

Introducing MacGyver - AKA Simon Matthews, our MD! In the early days, Simon single-handedly managed both the restaurant and operations. But as the business expanded, so did his beard, and now he's supported by our talented crew. With his practicality and resourcefulness, Simon can repair almost anything (except computers, he's not a fan). If something breaks at the venue, he's on it in a heartbeat. Affectionately known as MacGyver (for those old enough to remember), he's the go-to guy for fixing things.

Simon Matthews MDSimon Matthews MD

Head Chef - Brendon Harris

Meet our culinary maestro, Brendon Harris! Dancing with the pans since the neon-soaked '90s, Brendon has been the heart and soul of many high-profile kitchens. From a decade-long food affair in the swirling mists of London, to a three-year culinary expedition at the Heritage Hotel in Scotland, and then bringing his magic to the buzzing eateries of Auckland, he's seen it all! Now, he's kicking back, revelling in the laid-back 'Island Hours of Chefing' on Waiheke - where the oven's off by 5, and his toes are in the sand by a minute past. Ah, the good life!Brendon Harris Head ChefBrendon Harris

Finance & Marketing - Keryn Matthews MD

Meet our finance and marketing guru, Keryn Matthews, MD! With a knack for managing finances and captivating the masses through marketing, she's a force to be reckoned with. Mastering seasonal cashflow budgets is her specialty, and she even adds a touch of colour coordination to the mix. Her passion for taking on exciting projects shines through, evident in her exceptional management of the wine brand redesign as well as our new restaurant. And with 30 years of experience in the wine industry, she's the go-to expert for spotting a top-notch chardonnay. Handy to have around too, after 30 years in wine she can certainly spot a good one!

Keryn Matthews MDKeryn Matthews

Bookings & Functions Manager - Sheryl Watt

Say hello to our Booking Boss Lady, Sheryl Watt! If you've got a squad ready for an island adventure, Sheryl's your go-to gal. Just like a seasoned maestro conducting an orchestra, she takes care of everything - even those little nitty-gritties you didn't realise were essential (think ferry tickets and bus rides). So, sit back, let Sheryl take the wheel, and get ready for an island escapade you won't forget.Sheryl Watt - Booking ManagerSheryl Watt

Marmite The Spoodle

Introducing our frolicsome furball, Marmite The Spoodle! Ever wondered why he's named Marmite? Well, our four-legged buddy has a quirky palate - he's wild about our Kiwi Marmite spread (who isn't, right?). But his obsession doesn't stop there. He's a certified ball-aholic, chasing, finding, fetching - you get the picture. He also has a soft spot for doggy treats, friendly faces, and gallivanting around our iconic vineyard. Word of caution, ladies! Marmite is quite the charmer (and a bit of a flirt!) - he might just steal your heart, especially if you come bearing gifts of Marmite or, you guessed it, balls! So who's ready to meet our playful vineyard mascot, Marmite?


Wanna Join Our Crew?

Ready to become a legend in our merry band of fun-seekers? Pssst! We've got a secret to share - our stellar crew at Wild was crowned the 'Best in Customer Service' at the renowned Westpac Business of the Year Awards for Auckland Central! We pride ourselves in treating our customers like family - with as much love, care, and occasional cheekiness as we would our own mothers.

Our social events are a riot, helping us build not just a team, but a tight-knit, dynamic community where everyone's a legend in their own right. So, are you ready to dive into an inclusive culture that loves a good laugh, cherishes its customers, and serves up the choicest of Waiheke Brewery's brews and the rarest Wild Estate wines? Come aboard, matey! At Wild, there's no such thing as a dull moment.

Still wanna join?

Don't be fooled - these guys may make it look easy, but it's hard work and suits reliable people who love to work within a team. Many people love it so much they come back year after year. If you're interested, simply send your CV to our General Manager