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    Welcome to Waiheke Island Brewery

Setting up shop back in 1998 when craft beer wasn't cool, it didn't deter our logic impaired founders. Instead, like all good 'bad' ideas, they pulled up their big boy pants and got on with it....and we've been punching above our weight ever since. Flipping-the-bird to the status-quo, we produce fresh, small batch brews in a distinctly Waiheke Island regional style.

Still doggedly brewed in a shed out back with vim, vigour, dash and determination. We relentlessly strive for brave, intriguing brews for our suitably refreshed locals and distinguished island guests.

Ours certainly ain't no shiny new brewery - it's over 25 years old and lives in a good old kiwi shed out back. Never the less she's a stubborn beast who just keeps on brewing (mostly) and is ideal for passionately creating our crafty ales.

Waiheke's Original Craft Brewery since 1998!

Did you know we're one of the oldest craft breweries in New Zealand. And that's no mean feat - not many are still around from the 80's and 90's, before the craft beer boom began.  Built in NZ back in the 1980’s (how retro) she began life in a Tauranga brewpub. Sadly, craft beer wasn’t as popular back then, but we're pleased to say she's getting plenty of brewing these days out the back of Wild on Waiheke since 1998. It's what we like to call a "Microscopic" Brewery - we brew  600 & 1200 litres per bach.....large breweries brew more in a morning than we do all year! But hey, at least you know it's small batch brewed,  made fresh and with enormous amount of passion and enthusiasm!

Our first obstacle brewing on an island was no reticulated water supply or sewers. So we used good old 'Kiwi Ingenuity' to develop ways to make beer with 1/3 less water, and installed tanks to hold brewery waste (hops, yeast and sanitising chemicals). We can now proudly claim to be about as clean and green as it’s possible for a brewery! Add to that we sell 90% of our beer on site, and have some of the longest beer lines in NZ - they go straight from the finishing tanks....under the carpark out back and straight to the taps - cold & fresh just for you!

Crafted by experts and made with 100% enthusiasm. Our Master Brewer has perfected a range of 4 beers, cider, and our World Famous (on Waiheke) non-alcoholic ginger beer.  All available on tap or to take away. Our beer is small batch brewed on site to keep it fresh and interesting - it's true Waiheke beer. It's also unpasteurised so it needs to be kept in the fridge, however an added bonus as it retains that fresh flavour.

Meet our Master Brewer - Alan Knight

Waiheke Island brewery's situated at Wild Estate, and is under the control of noted microbrewery veteran Alan Knight. Alan first came to Waiheke to start the brewery up in 1997, took a break in 2000 then returned in 2007. Considered eccentric, even by Waiheke standards, Alan is given to late nights, loudly opinionated journalistic rampages, kilt wearing, folk singing, gunfire, large scale home brewing operations and amateur theatricals.

We'd hoped to get him to give us a description of his career and brewing philosophy for the website but have been unsuccessful to date. Our repeated requests on the odd times he actually shows up at the brewery to carry out his arcane and mystifying duties are met with either outright refusal or vague assurances that he will ‘Jot something down when he gets a moment’. Fair to say he's still....jotting.....

But huge hats off to Alan - working with a brewery well over 2 decades old, its fair to say she's an 'absolute classic'. Though both are old and tough, they work in harmony but he confides that she can certainly be temperamental! Alan treats her the same way you’d look after a vintage car - just listen to the pumps, watches for leaks and even gets right inside the vessels from time to time just to keep an eye on things. He knows every last component she can and can’t do. I'm sure he's worked on far flasher breweries over the years, but his relationship with this one is something quite special!

Our Range

Baroona Pale Ale

Our most popular beer by far - we like to think this beer is 'sessionable' whilst chilling out on our beanbags!  A Cologne Style Kolsh Pale Ale, Baroona was our brewery’s first product in 1998. We're proud to say it was the first beer in NZ to feature the famous Saaz B (Motueka) hops which gives this beer its distinctive grapefruit peel aroma and floral, citrus character. Baroona's brewed from 90% pilsner malt and 10% malted wheat, and it's top fermented with a touch of dry hopping to intensify flavours.  4.7% ABV

Island IPA

Waiheke Island's very own version of an IPA! Our way of bringing you something a little larger than your average brew. Our Dark Ale gives you MALT..... Wheat Beer gives you YEAST. Baroona gives you HOPS.... And the IPA, well it gives you LOTS AND LOTS OF EVERYTHING!  Part of this beer’s appeal lies in the way it evolves. Wine drinkers appreciate changing vintages, and so IPA does something similar for the true Beer Hunter. But, this much we can say with certainty; Island IPA is the after dinner beer. The beer you want with strong cheese or a rich dessert.

Wheat Beer

Ahhhh Wheat Beer! Lovely, lovely Wheat Beer. No Summer’s day is complete without it. Cold, cloudy, light, fragrant, foamy, crisp yet rounded. We could drink pint after pint of it and often do. Bavarian style made from malted wheat and pale malted barley. Wheat has it’s own particular character - dry, grainy and complex. It can be tricky to make as wheat has no husk like barley, and tends to be slow in the lauter tun. Known as ‘Hefe Weizen’, it's pale, unfiltered and very lightly hopped. Yeast used is a particular strain that contributes unique aromas of cloves, banana and even that rather alarming pink bubble gum that anyone over forty might remember from their childhood.It's the minimalist of beer and the key note to making it is restraint! Now imagine the scene….it’s a hot day in February. The suns a shining and the beanbags are filling nicely with thirsty people. But none as thirsty as you. You’ve done a big walk, perhaps been out fishing or mowing the lawn. So you do the sensible thing and ask for a Wheat . It arrives in a glass already frosted with condensation. It's foamy head looks enticing and there's a fresh slice of lemon to bring out the flavour - You NEED this beer. Ah yes... Cold and refreshing, light, yet somehow rich as well. How did it take so long for New Zealand to discover this beer? On a hot Summer day this is indeed the perfect beer. You dwell on this for a moment and then realise that you have somehow managed to finish your glass without even realising. Don’t worry. Wheat Beer has that effect on you and we have plenty more where that one came from. And that, my friends, is what it’s like to drink Wheat Beer.


Original Porters were hugely popular in London in the 1720’s and breweries vied to build bigger and bigger brewing vessels (aka ‘Tuns’) to meet the demand for this dark and tasty ale.  It eventually lost ground in the 19th century to the newly popular India Pale Ales and only the Irish kept it going in the form of Irish Stout. Rich and creamy, yet surprisingly light and thirst quenching. Our Dark Ale is based on the classic Porter style and uses a blend of eight different grades of malted barley for colour, body and flavour. The hopping is stronger than most dark beers with NZ grown Styrian Goldings used for bitterness and aroma. The soft chocolate notes of the dark roasted malt are the perfect balance for the hops, with their rich, fruit cake and marzipan flavour.

The Drunken Oyster...

Then Waiheke begun producing oysters at Te Matuku Bay. These were of an amazing quality. If you haven’t tried them then I urge you to do so right away. In fact, why are you sitting reading stuff on the internet when there are Te Matuku oysters to be tried? Go and try them now. I’ll wait here until you get back...  Right, so, with fine oysters available, the perfect beer was needed to accompany them. No beer sets off the delicate salty flavour of a fresh oyster like a good Porter - and now we'd found our perfect oyster beer.

Beer food matching is some of the most enjoyable ‘work’ we've ever attempted (tough job, but hey, someone's gotta do it).  Try this for yourself... Take a pint of Dark Ale.... slide in a freshly shucked oyster.  Now take your time. Slowly the oyster gives up it’s spirit to the beer while the beer gives it’s spirit to your oyster. Finally salute to your 'Drunken Oyster' and say "Get your swimming trunks on ye little bastard' and bottoms up!

Warning - This experience has been known to make even strong men weep with joy. Don’t be embarrassed to do the same. Our servers will understand and bring you a tissue!

Gingerbeer - it's World famous....on Waiheke!

While our main business is beer, we had a spare bright tank that wasn’t doing much, and what with Wild on Waiheke being such a family sort of place we thought that a decent soft drink might be just the thing. So we did some experimenting with ginger, lemons, honey & sugar. We made a bit of noise and a big mess and came up with some fizzy stuff that was just about perfect. But it needed work....So we made even more noise and an even bigger mess and tried NOT heating the ginger first and suddenly it all clicked into place. Waiheke Island’s own real Ginger Beer!

Perfect for youngsters, designated drivers and for settling queasy stomachs of chaps who overindulged the night before. Our Ginger Beer's made from 100% fresh ingredients, and isn't pasteurised or mucked about with in any way. We feed huge amounts of ginger through a juicer along with quite a few lemons, mix it all up with raw sugar and honey and give it heaps of fizz. Although we put some into flagons, we serve it on tap just like our beers. So you can drink as much as you like and be safe to drive. Though you may burp quite loudly.

Apple Cider

Brewed on site alongside our beers from Hawkes Bay Granny Smith apples. Crisp apple flavour and just the right level of sweetness. The aroma and flavour are both full of fresh apple notes and a lingering finish. 5.5%ABV


A Classic NZ Pilsner - pale straw colour and made with the addition of Kahatu hops, bringing fresh tropical fruit characters and a lager yeast for a refreshing summer beer. 4.5%ABV

Wasabi Lager

The most refreshing summer beer, with a kick of Wasabi - as in real wasabi root. It's such a huge hit it just keeps on coming back. Fresh, mild and spicy, goes bloody well with seafood and sushi.

Stockists when you're a Destination Brewery

Did you know that as a Destination Brewery? This means 95% of our beer's sold on site to the thirsty people frequenting Wild Estate.   Party because we're so boutique, but we also choose to look after our environment by selling our beer locally.  We'd love you to do the same when you visit places, as beer always tastes best where it's brewed! We do however have a few lovely local stockists who've twisted our arms, bribed begged and bellowed, and therefore are bringing it closer to you.... Just remember it needs to be kept cold, so put in straight in the fridge! It'll last up to 6 months in the fridge (although for some reason never has in mine...)

Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island Brewery Bevvies Guaranteed To Give You A Day To Remember (Or Forget)

Okay, so you know we have the best beer of any party venue in Auckland on tap, but you might be wondering which beverages to sample at your birthday party. Whether you open a bar tab or your guests pay for a drink, there are a few drinks we’d definitely recommend trying. Our destination brewery means you taste our beers right where they’re brewed, fresh is best!

●      Island IPA. There aren’t many people who don’t enjoy a great IPA, especially one as complex and rich as our Island IPA. With the perfect balance of hops, malt, and yeast, this beer will go down a treat.

●      Baroona Pale Ale. If a summer’s afternoon by the beach were a drink, it would be our Baroona pale ale. This delicious grapefruit, citrus, and floral beer is our most popular beer by far, and after one sip, you’ll understand why.

●      Porter. Rich, creamy, and made with a blend of eight different grades of malted barley for colour, body, and flavour… we love sipping on the dessert flavours of the Waiheke Island Brewery Porter.

●      Wheat Beer. Our Waiheke Island Brewery has crafted a sneaky beer in their Wheat Beer. ‘How is it sneaky?’ you may ask? Well, it’s so light, crisp, and refreshing that you’ll have finished your glass before you know it. But, don’t worry; there’s plenty more to go around.

●      The Drunken Oyster. Okay, we’re pretty sure no other Auckland party venue can lay claim to this Wild On Waiheke original. The oysters from Te Matuku Bay needed the perfect beer to complement their fresh, salty flavour, and our Waiheke Island Brewery Porter did just the trick, but we’ve taken the experience to another level. So do yourself a favour and grab a Porter. Grab a freshly shucked oyster, and pop it into your beer. That’s right. Let the flavours mingle for a bit. Salute your Drunken Oyster and then bottoms up.