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Wild Estate is Waiheke Island’s newest premier event space

Offering stunning views of the incomparable Onetangi Valley vineyard, elegant contemporary architecture, and an inspired menu of perfectly paired food and drink.

Whether you're client hosting, holding a product launch, or even a company celebration, we’ll work with you to make your event unforgettable. One of New Zealand’s most beloved locations, Waiheke Island is home to sweeping vineyards, gorgeous beaches and beautiful, untamed native flora. It’s a veritable slice of paradise where the country’s most iconic natural features are perfectly distilled.

Our vineyardbrewery, activities and restaurant are all on the one site, driven by masters in their field, creating a cohesive and carefully curated menu of food and drink that encapsulate the flavours of the region. It’s all made from scratch, using hand-picked local ingredients and time honoured preparation methods. It’s a refined and uncomplicated take on the fine dining experience. In winter, our sophisticated yet comfortable dining room provides a warm, welcoming atmosphere with a large open fire and cozy booth seating. During summer, the glass sliders roll back and the dining room opens up to a dynamic space incorporating the lush environment outside. With al fresco decks and terraces as well as tables among the vines themselves, we can create unique settings to suit your event.


We offer numerous activities and games to keep wedding and event guests entertained, or to promote team building at corporate functions. From archery and virtual claybird shooting to petanque, giant chess and more, a bit of fun and friendly competition can really elevate an event.  Talk to us about your wedding or occasion and let us know how we can make it special. We’ll manage all aspects of your event, taking the hassle off your hands and creating an amazing experience you and your guests will never forget.

Corporate Packages

We make it so easy for you...

  • Simply choose an activity

  • Select your function menu - Menu options differ depending on your group size

  • And we'll take care of organising your ferry & transfers!

  • Bartab simply paid for on the day - Voila!

Still wondering why Team Building's so good for your team?

Check out our articles to help ensure your function is a huge success - we like to take care of the details and help you make a memorable day your guests will rave about for years!

Wholesale Group Options

We have options for groups, both large and small - we cater to everyone! As the majority of our groups are Corporate Clients, our Wholesale Rates show you pricing excluding GST - that's right, team building is tax deductible!

Small Group Packages

Wholesale rates for groups of 14-20 people.  For your groups size we recommend our Combo Activities - Simply check out our Wild on Waiheke Activity Packages!

Mid Size Group Packages

For groups of 24-120 people from just $100 each! We have several options, both suitable for Team Building. :

1. Wild Woozy Team Building - loads of fun, great for the competitive types, and even finish with a prize-giving!

2. Wildchamps Team Building - additional team challenges without guns & arrows (also your get out of jail free card for when the weather doesn't play ball). This option can be held indoors and out, with full use of our underground activity zone, so an all weather option up to 100 people.

Large Group Packages

For groups of 100-120 we recommend our Freeflow Activity evening packages which is available from 4pm - these give you exclusive of our archery, laser claybird, petanque, volleyball, giant chess and much, much more. Due to our opening hours these bookings are for activities from 4.00pm to 6.30pm, followed by exclusive use of our venue for a chilled out evening function.  We offer our sit down meal.

Simply enquire now for availability. *Excludes Key Xmas Party Dates on Friday & Saturdays

“Thank you for your superb service. Both our staff and clients had nothing but positive feedback about the event and in particular have mentioned that the outdoor activities (Wild Woozy) were a hit! It was great to see everyone get in there and try the activities it definitely made for a lot of conversation later in the day and broke the ice at the beginning. The success of this event is in part owed to you so thanks again.”

— Jaime Te Hira, Events & Sponsorship Co-Ordinator, ANZ NATIONAL FINANCE

Team Building Activities

How To Spice Up Your Team Building Activities

If you’re anything like us, when you think of team building activities, you probably think of those cringy ice breakers your boss forces you to do once in a blue moon. You know the ones. The marshmallow and toothpick tower-building game? Yeah... We’d rather not. Wild On Waiheke Activities take place at Wild Estate, and we take team building to a whole new level. We’ve got a whole bunch of team activities that people actually want to do and will genuinely bring your team closer together. So, if you’re looking to add a little bit of flavour to an otherwise bland corporate bonding exercise, the team at Wild On Waiheke activities are here to help.

A Few Fast Facts About Corporate Bonding

If you’re one of those people who believes a quick game of Two Truths And A Lie is good enough for a corporate bonding activity, we’re here to tell you that it just isn’t. Here are a few fast facts about team building activities that might convince you to put a little more effort into your planning.

  • Feelings of employee isolation reduce productivity by up to 21%. If your team doesn’t feel connected, they’re not going to be as productive; it’s as simple as that. There’s been too much isolation in the world these last couple of years, so get your team together for an unforgettable day at Wild Estate with our Wild on Waiheke Activities. We’re here to help you reignite that team connection. 

  • Socialising with team members outside of work improves communication patterns by more than 50%. Talking about last night’s episode of The Bachelor around the bubbler only does so much for fostering communication in the workplace. You need to give your team a chance to get to know each other in a less formal environment… like over a few rounds of archery, for example. 

  • Women with a best friend at work are 2x as likely to be fully engaged at work. That’s right, a girl’s work wife is important for keeping her engaged while at work. According to a 2018 study, 63% of female employees with a work best friend reported being twice as engaged at work compared to the 29% who didn’t have a work wife. So how are you going to foster those friendships? Not with a dull icebreaker, that’s for sure.

How To Choose The Right Activities For Your Team

Now, if you’re on the hunt for Auckland team building activities and you’re struggling to find something your whole team will love, we have a few tips and tricks for you, and they all involve being right here on Waiheke Island.

  • What do you want to get out of the day? If you want your team to sit, talk, drink, and just get to know each other, Wild Estate with their Wild On Waiheke Activities are the perfect place for them to kick back. However, if you want to throw your team a challenge, build their communication skills, and improve their problem-solving abilities, we host some of the best team building activities in Auckland. A tactical maze, the human knot, Handle the Jandal, Tug-O-War; trust us when we say your team are going to be close after their day at Wild Estate on Waiheke. 

  • How active is your team? At Wild Estate, we offer our Wild on Waiheke Activities, giving you the widest range of team building activities to cater to people of all abilities. Give us a call ahead of time to find out how you can make sure your team building activities can be completely inclusive for the whole team. 

  • What’s the vibe on your team? Does your team thrive on competition and healthy banter? Or are they the kinds of people who work better together faced with a common goal? When choosing the perfect activities, make sure to take their personalities into account and pick something that gets the whole team pumped and excited to be involved.

Why Choose Wild On Waiheke For Your Next Auckland Team Building Exercise?

When it comes to team building in Auckland, no one does it better than Wild On Waiheke activities at Wild Estate. There are a few reasons why Wild Estate is the place to be for building team culture.

  • Everything is in one place. Action-packed team building activities, delicious food, drinks from our brewery, Waiheke Island Brewery, and winery, Wild Estate; everything you could possibly want and need from a team-building venue is at Wild Estate. There is simply nowhere better in Auckland for team building events. 

  • It’s a giant adult playground. We encourage our guests to let their hair down, embrace their inner child, and just go nuts. We have archery, claybird shooting, giant chess, volleyball, a trampoline and petanque. It’s the ultimate place to let off some steam and get closer to your colleagues. 

  • We have packages for everyone. No matter how big or small your team, we have an all-inclusive package just right for you. We’ll tailor our packages to meet your team’s needs, so just give us a call! 

  • There’s accommodation just 2 km’s down the road. Our little slice of New Zealand is accessible by 35 minute ferry, but if your team don’t feel like making the commute back, there are plenty of  locally-owned baches conveniently located all over the island. Otherwise, we recommend heaps of accommodation options to suit all tastes and budgets.

For Team Building Activities Like No Other, Head To Wild On Waiheke

Heaven on Earth is closer than you think. In fact, it’s just a short 35-minute ferry ride from Auckland. That’s right, Waiheke Island is a place where the food is mouth-wateringly good, the drinks are always flowing, and the adventure never stops. At Wild Estate and Wild On Waiheke, we believe people should work hard and play harder, so we’ve built a place where even the most tightly wound among us can let off some steam. Whether your idea of a good time is claybird shooting, archery, giant chess, or just sitting back admiring the view with a cold one in hand, Wild Estate and our Wild On Waiheke activities are just the thing for you. So, what are you waiting for? Bring your mates, bring your work colleagues, hell, you can even bring the dog. Come and experience everything Waiheke Island has to offer. If you’re interested in booking the best team building activities your team has ever done, contact the Wild Estate team today.