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    Wild Woozy Team Building by Wild on Waiheke

Wild Woozy Team Building - by Wild on Waiheke

For groups over 20 we offer hugely successful corporate functions & group activities with our Wild Woozy 'Guns, Games N Arrows' Activity Program which includes archery in the vines & laser claybird shooting, plus a range of Team challenges geared up for a fun day out. Team games are fast-paced, fun-filled activities included in our Wild Woozy.  All themed to our fabulous vineyard surroundings, they're a barrel of laughs!


Wild on Waiheke Team Building - well our style is more 'Team bonding' as we know you've already built your team, but chances are they're too busy working to get to know each other.  Let their competitive nature go wild as they compete for the winning team!  Each challenge tests the group’s ability to think outside the square to achieve a goal with limited resources and time.

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We offer wholesale pricing for Wild on Waiheke Activity Packages. Check out our feedback from previous clients - we have to keep inventing new games as they return year after year!

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All New All Weather Venue

No need to worry about rain any more when planning your team event - we've built an all new, all weather venue.  Our team challenges can be done under cover, and it's even decked out with a fire for winter.   It's situated underneath our restaurant, (just off our cellar door) and provides us with 225m space to play away, and then you simply come upstairs for lunch or dinner. 

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Are you old enough?

Our activities are for ages 10 years right up to in those in their 80's. No physical fitness required, some people are the brawn, and others are the brain of the operation.  Of course we need you to follow our tutored instructions, let your hair down and your competitive streak go wild.

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The Dos And Don'ts Of Planning Group Activities In Auckland

Have you ever been to a party or a team-building event where the group activities were less than enjoyable (see: crap). Planning group activities is a fine art, and it’s one the team at Wild On Waiheke takes very seriously. You need to have a balance between challenging and entertaining with a bit of alcohol and a lot of food. No one does group activities in Auckland quite like Wild On Waiheke, so we’ve decided to impart some wisdom and let you in on the dos and don’ts of planning a team building day. 

Does Your Team Need A Bonding Day? Here's some Signs You Need To Book One.

You need to book a team building day at Wild On Waiheke pronto if you recognise the following red flags. 

  • Office politics is taking over. If your team are spending way more energy on disputes, gossip, or office politics, it’s time to let everyone reconnect over a few drinks and a few games of volleyball. 

  • There’s a lack of communication and collaboration. When people feel isolated at work, they’re far less likely to be at their most productive. You need to foster communication and collaboration in the workplace, but if you’re struggling, you may need to take it outside the office. Where? Oh, we don’t know… maybe to an island just off the coast of Auckland...

  • There’s an increase in absenteeism. Absenteeism every now and then is okay, but if people are chucking sickies on the regular, it’s indicative of a way bigger problem. You need to give your team a reason to feel motivated, connect with one another, and enjoy coming to work again. One way to do that is to foster their friendships outside of work by getting them involved in some brilliant team-building group activities. 

  • Your team are burning out. Burnout is terrible for productivity and performance, so you need to give the team regular opportunities to let off steam. We don’t know about you, but shooting arrows at a target and shooting at virtual pigeons sounds like a pretty excellent relaxation exercise to us. 

Group Activities: The Dos And Don'ts

If you want your group activities to be a success, there are some guidelines you should try to stick to as much as possible. 

  • DON’T: Pick a boring venue. 

    • If you’re considering holding group activities in your office, you need to stop right there. No one is going to enjoy that! Think outside the box a little bit. 

  • DO: Take the team somewhere exciting. 

    • At Wild On Waiheke, your team can spend the day soaking up the sunshine enjoying great food, plenty of drinks, and team building activities that will really get them going. 

  • DON’T: Forget to make the activities inclusive. 

    • When you’re planning your group activities, make sure you consider the needs of all your team members and plan activities that everyone can enjoy. If you need advice on how to plan an inclusive day, give us a call, and we can tailor our package to make sure everyone has a blast. 

  • DO: Have some variety. 

    • One ice breaker does not a team-building day make! Spice it up with a range of activities that everyone will love  gumboot throwing, archery, chess, volleyball; make the day jam-packed and full of fun. 

  • DON’T: Call it quits after one team-building event.  

    • If you’re really dedicated to improving workplace culture and fostering relationships in your team, you’re going to need to plan regular team-building events. We’re big advocates for every other month events, but annual or bi-annual team-building days have also been shown to be effective in boosting morale. 

  • DO: Take plenty of photos and videos. 

    • Trust us when we say that your team will have a great day at Wild Estate On Waiheke, so you’re going to want to record some memories. 

Why Choose Wild Estate On Waiheke? 

At Wild Estate and Wild on Waiheke, we’re serious about food, drink, fun, and not much else. There’s a reason why people flock here from Auckland for group activities. 

  • It’s a giant adult playground. We encourage our guests to let their hair down, embrace their inner child, and just go nuts. We have archery, claybird shooting, giant chess, volleyball, a trampoline and petanque. It’s the ultimate place to let off some steam and get closer to your friends and colleagues. 

  • We have packages for everyone. No matter how many people you’re looking to bring along, we have an all-inclusive package just right for you. We’ll tailor our packages to meet your needs, so just give us a call! 

  • Everything is in one place. Action-packed team building activities, delicious food, drinks from our brewery, Waiheke Island Brewery, and winery, Wild Estate; everything you could possibly want and need from a venue is at Wild Estate on Waiheke. There is simply nowhere better in Auckland for a great day out.

  • There’s accommodation right next door. Our little slice of New Zealand is accessible by ferry, but if you don’t feel like making the commute back, there are plenty of locally-owned baches conveniently located all over the island. Otherwise, there are heaps of accommodation options to suit all tastes and budgets. 

Trying To Plan Group Activities In Auckland? Wild On Waiheke Can Help

Heaven on Earth is closer than you think. In fact, it’s just a short 35-minute ferry ride from Auckland. That’s right, Waiheke Island is a place where the food is mouth-wateringly good, the drinks are always flowing, and the adventure never stops. At Wild Estate & Wild On Waiheke, we believe people should work hard and play harder, so we’ve built a place where even the most tightly wound among us can let off some steam. So, whether your idea of a good time is claybird shooting, archery, giant chess, or just sitting back admiring the view with a cold one in hand, Wild Estate On Waiheke has just the thing for you. So, what are you waiting for? Bring your mates, bring your work colleagues, hell, you can even bring the dog. Come and experience everything Waiheke Island has to offer. If you’re interested in booking the best group activities in Auckland, contact the Wild Estate team today.