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    Wildchamps Team Building

The most fun you'll have with your clothes on!


Get stuck in with our newest fast paced team bonding event. In a nutshell it's fun filled team challenges, all without the Guns & Arrows. So additional team building for the energetic types! Designed to be fully inclusive, so everyone gets involved and competes with their individual skills - whether you're fast/funny/smart/agile or sporty, there's something for everyone!

It's fantastic for competitive teams and uniting good old team spirit.  This is an all inclusive game which has everyone competing side by side, and lets each team have their time in the limelight, perhaps your skill is throwing gumboots!  Everyone's good at something, and our motto is the more laughs the better! Move through our 'Minute to Win it' style Kiwified challenges, for indoors and out, and done with good ol' Kiwi Sense of Humour!  

  • Tactical Maze - put your heads together to find the escape route (W)

  • Ski Slalom - but on an island with no snow and a great team twist

  • Kiwis Catapult - build your own, get crafty and see who can go the distance!

  • Octopus Artist - one team & one pen, and a wonderful muse! (W)

  • Human Knot - use your skills to escape from a rather compromising situation (W)

  • Welly Wangers - Gumboot throwing challenge

  • Memory - utilising skills of your various team members to complete as a team (W)

  • Minefield - find the secret code to get to the other side (W)

  • Handle the Jandle - the ultimate Kiwi discus - a great listening to instruction challenge

  • Nut Stacker - Test your teams group speed and agility (W)

  • The Missing Link - Hoola hoop escape challenge (W)

  • Team Table - table tennis challenge without the table! (W)

  • Tug o War!

  • Blind Challenge - find out who's your beer & wine connoisseur (W)

  • And many more!

Never a dull moment, let your team shine with loads of laughs along the way. What better way to earn a pint!

  • Check here for Pricing & Package Details

  • Choose your own timing - select from a 1 hour or 1.5 hour event!

  • Compete side by side for loads of laughs!

  • Whilst designed for active teams, participants can choose which games they wish to represent!


No need to worry about rain any more when planning your team event - we've built a brand spanking new, all weather venue. For groups up to 80 our team challenges can be done under cover, and it's even decked out with a fire for winter.  It's situated beneath our restaurant, (just off our cellar door so also has a bar!) and provides us with 250m event space to play away, and then you simply come upstairs for lunch or dinner. 

Choosing The Best Waiheke Activities Based On Your Group 

It’s no secret that Waiheke Island is one of New Zealand’s most stunning island treasures. White sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and more wineries than you could poke a stick at; what’s not to love about Waiheke Island! If you’re looking for Waiheke activities to keep you entertained, there’s only one place on this glorious island you need to go; Wild Estate! No matter who you’re taking with you, we’ve got Waiheke Island activities to keep you all occupied for hours on end. Want to find the perfect activities for your group? Don’t stress. We’ve got you covered. 

The Life-Long Mates

So you’ve rounded up a group of your best mates. You’ve all been by each other’s sides for years, and these are the people you know are always up for a great day out. We have the perfect Waiheke activities to keep you all entertained. 

  • Laser claybird shooting. If you’ve ever fancied yourself a hunter but the idea of going out and actually shooting something is a bit too much work, why not try your hand at laser claybird shooting? It’s the perfect Waiheke Island activity for a group of mates wanting to find out who amongst them is the greatest. 

  • Trampoline. There isn’t an adult alive who doesn’t wish they could go back and feel the pure joy of jumping on a trampoline as a child once again. So while we can’t offer you the fountain of youth, we can offer a giant trampoline to relive your youth by watching your kids attempt backflips! 

  • Californian sandbags. If you and your mates are looking for an easy game to wind down with, the Californian sandbags have your names written all over them. It’s a game you can play with a drink in hand. 

Your Employees

Team building exercises can be so hit and miss, and we know you’d much rather have a hit on your hands. So don’t settle for boring, in-office icebreakers and take the team to Wild Estate for our Wild On Waiheke activities instead! Here are a few Waiheke Island activities your team are going to love. 

  • Wildchamps. This fast-paced, inclusive team bonding event gives everyone a chance to shine. We’ve compiled a massive range of ‘Minute To Win It’ style Kiwified challenges that use the best of everyone’s talents and will allow your team to bond over some quality banter. There’s no better way to earn a pint!

  • Giant Connect 4. The only thing better than a game of Connect 4 is a game of giant Connect 4. Challenge your team to work together in groups and play against one another. 

  • Giant noughts and crosses. After so many group challenges to build team bonds, it can be fun to have an individual championship, and there’s no better activity than noughts and crosses. Create a game draw and have your team play quick games to find the Wild On Waiheke activities noughts and crosses champion among you.