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Case Study - Kiwiplan Conference 

It’s conference time, and you’ve decided that taking your team offsite is going to be beneficial – not only for morale, but for the benefits in team rapport and relationships that corporate team building activities have been shown to offer 

So, where to begin! You want it to be a fun and positive experience for your team, but the organisation side looks a bit daunting. At Wild Estate, our aim is for you to have a great day out, where your event runs without a hitch, and there’s zero stress for you and your team. Read on and find out how we helped Integrated Software Solutions Company, Kiwiplan create a team building day that exceeded expectations.

The Company:                 Kiwiplan (Integrated Software Solutions)
The Conference Venue:  Wild Estate, 82 Onetangi Road, Waiheke Island, Auckland
Brief:                              Activities & dinner for 70 staff including managers and off-site workers
Goal:                               Removing management barriers & getting to know one another away from the office environment

7 Steps to a Successful Conference With Team Building Activities:

Planning…and more planning (for us, not you!)
The most important thing for Wild Estate is ensuring that everything runs like clockwork so that you and your team enjoy a flawless event. From the time that Kiwiplan arrived at the wharf in Auckland, right through to their return journey home, all the conference organiser had to do was get the team to the ferry terminal in Auckland, and we took care of the rest.

No stress (for you!):
It’s our mission to take the hassle out of organising corporate team events. For Kiwiplan, that meant taking responsibility for every aspect of the day’s itinerary (including ferries, transfers, activities and dinner) so the team could relax and enjoy a great day out together. The hard work should always go on behind the scenes and, beyond a few basic decisions, we want your event to seem effortless and fun. That’s what we’re after!

Do the homework:
WOW MD, Keryn Matthews, did her homework well before the Kiwiplan team building event, getting an early estimate of numbers so the WOW team could start planning immediately. This included planning in advance for special dietary requirements, ensuring bus transfers between the ferry and conference venue on Waiheke Island ran like clockwork, and ensuring that lunch was served on time.

Decide between Structured v Casual Events:
This is a key decision for event and conference planners, and depends largely on the team mix and demographic.  Kiwiplan chose our structured event called the Wild Woozy, with teams of 10-15 working together through challenges, gaining points to be the winning team.  It’s fantastic for competitive groups, or those who require assistance to get the mingling and teamwork happening.  The alternative is our casual event for groups of 120+ called Freeflow, where our venue is hired exclusively from 4pm, and people choose to take part as they desire.  Our trained Facilitators are in full swing to drum up participation, as well as coach and assist people to their full potential.  Freeflow is suitable if your team is younger, more active, and up for a challenge.  Whatever you decide, it should be what’s best for your team!

Consider the best way to use your Conference Venue:
Depending on the team size and demographic, and how flexible you can be in accommodating others on site, you’ll need to decide if you want to share the venue or book it exclusively. Kiwiplan never opted for exclusivity, however as it was an evening they did have the venue to themselves, which is great as we do not charge a venue hire.  For large groups over 120, we recommend booking exclusivity from 4pm, ensuring a cohesive team experience for their large team, but smaller teams may find sharing a more realistic and social option.

Get the Right Team Building Mix:
Removing the office hierarchy can pay off when it comes to team bonding. It allows people to mix freely, and it’s a great way for colleagues to get to know one another without management barriers. Kiwiplan Exec Cornelia commented: “I used to see people walking down the corridor each day, but I didn’t really know them. At our Wild Estate day, we mixed up the management layers so people had a chance to mix freely with one other. We got to know each other better, which in turn improved our rapport and relationships back at the workplace.”

Involve any off-site or home-based staff:
The opportunity to mix with other team members face to face will particularly benefit offsite and home-based staff. “The team building and mixing is especially important with offsite staff, whom we usually only talk to during dial in meetings,” says Kiwiplan Exec Cornelia. “With less ‘face to face’ interaction, we’ve found team building activities are even more important for a cohesive team.”

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