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    We're Wild on Sustainability


Hold on to your hats, folks - we’re about to take you on a whirlwind tour of sustainability, Wild Estate style. We're not just aiming to put a tiny green dent in the environment - we're going all out to leave a jolly green giant's footprint. We reckon it's high time we showed you around the green side of our operations, where we’ve been working our socks off to be the good guys for our community and our planet. And boy, do we have some tales to tell...

Our vineyards are teeming with grapes grown with love and care, and almost all of our wine (99% to be precise) is sold right through our restaurant. We're also shaking things up a bit in 2024, with our top-notch Rose getting a makeover - it'll be served in reusable kegs to help cut down on our recycling.

And we haven’t forgotten about our beers! 95% of the beer sold is brewed by our own hands at the Waiheke Island Brewery, and 99% of it is served fresh from the tap, which gives us a warm fuzzy feeling knowing we completely got rid of beer bottle recycling. We're proud to say our cider is also tap-exclusive, so no need to worry about pesky cans or bottles! We only sell our beer here - so think of us as a Destination Brewery!

When it comes to water, we've got Mother Nature on tap - we serve 100% UV-filtered still water straight from the sky to our faucets. And our ready-to-drink beverages come in recyclable cans or bottles, while we make a point to support local artisan suppliers whenever we can.

Our waste management is more efficient than a border collie herding sheep; we've got on-site composting for our food waste, a top-notch waste sorting system, and even our cooking oil is turned into biofuel. Our cardboard is recycled, our cleaning products are biodegradable, and our menus are printed on unbleached recycled paper.

And we’re not just about the brew - we're pretty wild when it comes to our food too. We're big on local sourcing and we've got a blooming organic garden for our herbs and garnishes out back. We even do our own laundry, using eco-friendly products, of course.

So, do you fancy becoming part of our green journey? Feel free to drop us a line at with any ideas you’ve got - we're all ears. Sustainability is a big word, but we like to think we're making it a little bit smaller every day. So, here's to a future that's so bright, we've got to wear shades!

At our restaurant building, sustainability is woven into every detail:

  • We proudly showcase the natural and enduring qualities of Corten Steel in our building logo and sculptures, symbolising our unwavering commitment to timeless sustainability. Even our feather sculpture behind the bar incorporates recycled acrylic from the iconic Kelly Tarlton Shark tank.

  • The exterior cladding features Burnt Wood (Shou Sugi Ban), offering exceptional durability without the need for paint, standing strong against the test of time.

  • Energy efficiency takes the spotlight with high-quality double-glazed steel-framed windows and doors, delivering significant savings in heating and cooling.

  • Embracing our deep connection to nature, our 2-meter-long open fire is fuelled by wood harvested on-site, providing not only warmth but also a sustainable energy source.

  • Designed to maximise natural cooling, our building promotes airflow, reducing reliance on electric fans. Our carefully landscaped surroundings incorporate recycled sleepers, local boulders, and strategic planting, minimising water usage and weed growth.